Tomato (at one month)

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I said that I would post some of the data that I gathered via my tomato firmware that I installed one month ago. Here are some pretty graphs. So far it looks like I run at a total of about 21 – 22 GB of data up and down per month. I think that I… Read more »

Google Reader Sharing

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Google Reader is a great RSS reader. In addition to providing a great central location for reading my feeds it also allows me to, easily, share interesting feeds with other people that are using Google Reader. When I want to share an item from a feed I can click the “share” icon and “my friends”… Read more »

Update on My MCTS

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Summary I have completed reading the “MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536): Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0–Application Development Foundation”. That’s 16 chapters, or 1,050 pages of lovely technical goodness. My overall assessment is that I definitely learned from every chapter. Some of this stuff I do every day and there are portions of the framework that… Read more »


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New Router Firmware I saw a post on Lifehacker about setting up a different firmware on my home router. I’ve tried this before with DD-WRT, HyperWRT and Open-WRT. The only version that I was able to get set up easily was HyperWRT.  HyperWRT was alright (read functional) but it certainly wasn’t fantastic.  In setting up… Read more »

New Year’s Resolution

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This posting is a little late in the year but my current excuse is that I have been sick (fevers of 102) on and off. Most years I have laughed off making resolutions saying that I am resolving to not make a resolution. But this year I have come to the decision that if you… Read more »

Listening to Podcasts on Linux

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Last week one of my coworkers told me about Synergy (which lets you use a single mouse and keyboard with multiple computers across a network, and is cross-platform so I can use it on my laptop and my work computer) so I have been able to use my laptop more at work and I would… Read more »

SuSE Linux and My Synaptics Touchpad

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I just installed SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.1 RC and, by default, on my laptop the synaptics touchpad has the botton section or horizontal scroll mapped to the forward and back browser buttons in Firefox. Fortunately I found a reference for how to fix it on the internet. The basic idea is that you need… Read more »

Mary Gets Baptized

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Warning: this post could be considered PG. Mary got baptized yesterday. We got her up, and due to the hot weather (It has been 90+ for the past few days, and us without air conditioning) we decided to let her laze around in the morning in her robe. She played and smiled for a few… Read more »

Progress Report

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Alright everyone! I know, I haven’t posted in, like…, forever. We have been very busy listening to the sweet, sweet music of our little Mary screaming all night long. In fact, Saturday night was the first night that she slept through the night. Mom has cut dairy products and green leafy, gas producing, vegetables out… Read more »