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Mary laying on mommy and daddy's bed in her pink bunny robe that David, Debbie, Kailey, and Ashley got her. Mary sitting on our chair on a white blanket in her baptism outfit.  The outfit is all white with flowered underwear and a white headband with a white flower on it.  As usual she has the binky in her mouth. Mary got baptized yesterday. We got her up, and due to the hot weather (It has been 90+ for the past few days, and us without air conditioning) we decided to let her laze around in the morning in her robe. She played and smiled for a few minutes and we were able to get that on video [MP4, MPG, AVI]. I would have liked to see her get baptized in her robe (after all Jesus wore a robe), but mommy got her all dolled up in her baptism outfit before we left. The dress that she is wearing is the same dress that Sherri was baptized in 30 (or so) years ago.

Mary, in my arms, after she was baptized.  This is a picture of Sherri, Me (holding Mary), and the preacher. She was very good during the whole thing. Everyone we spoke to, after the ceremony, said so. I told them that it was because she was very advanced for her age. She is already screaming at a kindergarden level. We got in to the church and she was in her car carrier so we decided to let her sleep until shortly before her part in the ceremony. I got her out of the car carrier while the congregation was singing “Amazing Grace” just in case she decided to sing along as well. She fell back to sleep in my arms during the Offeratory and woke just before we were called up. She seemed to be amazed at the whole congregation and was quiet until very close to the end where she seemd like she was going to fuss, so I popped the binky in her mouth and she was content. Of course we sat back down and right after the congregation finished singing during a long moment of silence she decided to put poopy in her diaper, very noisily, and drawn out. If you remember the scene in Autsin Powers where he got out of cryogenic suspension and then peed for two minutes straight stopping and restarting, then it was kind of like that. With poop noises. So I left the service to change her diaper and we made our grand exit. I’m sure that the choir was laughing when I left. Of course I couldn’t tell because I was also laughing, silently, to myself.

Laying flat on her back on our couch with her arms up above her head and her belly in full focus. As usual, having her out and holding her after the ceremony meant that I got to talk to tons more people than I normally would although they spent the whole time staring at her. I guess I know what a Hooters waitress feels like now. I wanted to say, “Hey, my eyes are up here!” Anyhow, we went out to brunch at the Broadmoor to celebrate and then came home to relax ourselves.

Update: I have added multiple versions of the video (AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG). One of them should work for you. The WMV is the default as most of the people reading this will be running windows. I also updated again to fix the MP4 link that I mistyped.


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