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Alright everyone! I know, I haven’t posted in, like…, forever. We have been very busy listening to the sweet, sweet music of our little Mary screaming all night long. In fact, Saturday night was the first night that she slept through the night. Mom has cut dairy products and green leafy, gas producing, vegetables out of her diet. I don’t know how she does it. If a doctor told me I had to cut steak out of my diet I would be, like, “yeah, whatever! I’ll do what I want!”. So three cheers for Sherri, “Hip, hip hooray!, and so on”.

Personally, I think that Mary slept through the night on Saturday night for one or two of the reasons below:

  1. the whole green leafy vegetable thing above,
  2. the dairy stuff discussed above,
  3. the baby, baby, please go to sleep CD that Grandma Marasco sent her (we received Saturday afternoon),
  4. to fool us into letting our guard down,
  5. as a Mother’s Day present for Sherri.

You choose. So I am trying to get some pictures out of my camera to put on the web but time keeps passing me by. Time is actually lapping me and I can’t keep up. I am going to take Thursday off, Nana and Poppa Turner are leaving to go home, so I can be home to be with Sherri and she won’t lose all her help around the house right away. Grandma and Grandpa Marasco are going to be here on Saturday and I have a half day Friday since we (SI International, my company for those of you way out of touch) are moving to our new building over the weekend. Then Aunt Corinne will be out here next Saturday, leaving on Tuesday. This gives Sherri another two weeks or so until she is on her own. Then her brother, sister and their two daughters will be coming to visit in late June.

Having the help around the house is very nice, and everyone has been great. For anyone who has sent a gift, Great Aunt Kat and Great Uncle Jim, thank you. We are going to get out thank you cards soon. We tried to put Mary in charge of them so that she could feel like she was contributing but she just tried to eat the crayon.

Thank you all.

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