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икониWe watched a bit of “The Sound of Music” tonight. Addie was perplexed by the Nuns.

Addie: What are those?
Daddy: Those are nuns

Addie: Where are their hands?
Daddy: Under their dresses

Addie: When are they going to take them off?

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Notes on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Addie: what is that?
Me: that’s Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon.
Addie: what’s a chameleon falcon?

Chewbacca grunts
Addie: the bear actually tooted. Where is the bear?

Mary: I don’t think that’s his real dad because why would he cut his arm off?
Instead of killing you I would just break your iPad.

Mary: That was a really good movie!

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This is my cheap version of a share since I didn’t want to pay $7 to share this through Facebook.

My dearest FB Friends and Family,
My son Austin’s car was recently hit by a young person who ran a red light. Of course his car was paid off, and insurance is going to total it for a whole lot less than it was worth. I was wondering if anyone knows anyone selling a great car. Thanks for any help. Tricia Webster