Booting Ubuntu from USB

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I recently set up a usb drive with a bootable version of Ubuntu using the following tutorial It is geared to Ubuntu Gutsy but I was able to install the Ubuntu Hardy Alpha 4 with the same instructions. Upgrade to Hardy Alpha 5, and Beta was really smooth, all I had to do was… Read more »

Twitter Needs to Implement Statistics

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Twitter needs to implement some statistics on their users. When I find someone that I may want to follow, I really want to know how often they tend to tweet before I follow them.  Ideally, I would like to see the trend of their tweets over the last 7 days, the last month, and then… Read more »

Tomato (at one month)

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I said that I would post some of the data that I gathered via my tomato firmware that I installed one month ago. Here are some pretty graphs. So far it looks like I run at a total of about 21 – 22 GB of data up and down per month. I think that I… Read more »

Google Reader Sharing

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Google Reader is a great RSS reader. In addition to providing a great central location for reading my feeds it also allows me to, easily, share interesting feeds with other people that are using Google Reader. When I want to share an item from a feed I can click the “share” icon and “my friends”… Read more »

Update on My MCTS

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Summary I have completed reading the “MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536): Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0–Application Development Foundation”. That’s 16 chapters, or 1,050 pages of lovely technical goodness. My overall assessment is that I definitely learned from every chapter. Some of this stuff I do every day and there are portions of the framework that… Read more »


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New Router Firmware I saw a post on Lifehacker about setting up a different firmware on my home router. I’ve tried this before with DD-WRT, HyperWRT and Open-WRT. The only version that I was able to get set up easily was HyperWRT.  HyperWRT was alright (read functional) but it certainly wasn’t fantastic.  In setting up… Read more »