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Mary didn’t want to sleep last night. Perhaps it was the new house, maybe she slept too much during the day or it was too much excitement coming home from the hospital. Or it could have all been gas. Who knows? I doubt even little Mary does.

We, foolishly, let her sleep until 2000 (part of the reason is because the time went by so fast that we didn’t realize how late it was). We, and by we I mean mostly Sherri, fed her and got her ready for bed then we spent the next 3 hours trying to get her to sleep. We set up a pack ‘n play in our room that also doubles as a bassinet so that we could keep her close but every time we laid her down she started to cry. We tried all sorts of things. A fresh diaper, bouncing around the room a little, leg kicks, singing, pacifiers, bottles, breast milk, etc. But she wasn’t having any of it. She was crying at a pitch audible only to dogs (and mommies and daddies, well, and probably a great part of our neighborhood).

Finally, I collapsed into a rocking chair with her and rocked her and she quieted down and would take a pacifier. At around midnight we laid her down in the pack ‘n play and she slept for a bit but I woke up at 0120 when Sherri was laying down (painfully due to the C-section) for the who-knows-how-many’th time and the next time she cried I got up with her and changed her diaper and rocked her for about an hour. Sherri took her for the rest of the night and rocked with her so that she slept until I woke up and got ready for work around 0600.

Thank goodness Sherri’s parents are here because Nana Turner was able to take her this morning so that Sherri could pump and rest for a few hours. Sherri says that she slept with her during that 0200 – 0600 time period but that couldn’t have been too restful. It is a good thing that I had my “Cool Daddy” t-shirt, that Corinne got me, on or I may not have been able to handle it.

We hope that she sleeps tonight or that Abu-Ghraib stuff will look like nothing in comparison when Mary is done with us.

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