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Graco Quattro Tour Travel System in the box.Sherri and I went out to Babies R Us to get the stroller for the new baby this past weekend. Finding the right stroller was not the easiest task. A few months back, while we were registering for baby gifts I went to Consumer Reports’ website solely for the purpose of finding “the right” stroller and car seat. I paid for an annual subscription which ran me about $26. I read a bunch of articles in their baby section, and the article about strollers. The article was good and well written and the rating section was helpful. The problem was that I couldn’t find either of the top two strollers in the “Travel System” section (Safety 1st Acella Alumilite, and Graco GracoRider 7350) anywhere in town or online. I looked at the top stroller in “Traditional” section (Graco Quattro Tour 7111) and we bought the Graco Tour Travel System that we found at Babies R Us.

I was concerned that the Graco Tour Travel System would be too heavy or cumbersome for Sherri to use. She is 5′ tall and, prior to the pregnancy, about a buck soaking wet. Once we got it assembled and figured out how all the levers and switches worked she had no problem folding it up and unfolding it one handed. She was also able to lift it with both hands.

The stroller with the front wheels on but the back wheels still off and the stroller rear end resting on the ground.The instructions came in multiple languages with English and spanish side by side.The assembly was really easy. Once we got it out of the box all we had to do was snap on the front wheels then put in a metal rod on the back axle and snap on the rear wheels. There were plastic portions that snapped on in various places but the instructions were easy to follow. I know, I am a man and I am not supposed to follow instructions but if it makes you feel better I followed the Spanish version just to make it challenging.

Sherri trying to put the baby into the stroller.  She has the baby doll shoved under her left arm like a football.Me holding the stroller over my left folder.  You can see the baby doll in the seat facing down.After we got it together Sherri had to try it out and figure out how to get the baby in and out of the baby seat. She got one of her dolls and tried it out on the doll. I tried it too but I was much better at it.

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