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икониWe watched a bit of “The Sound of Music” tonight. Addie was perplexed by the Nuns.

Addie: What are those?
Daddy: Those are nuns

Addie: Where are their hands?
Daddy: Under their dresses

Addie: When are they going to take them off?

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Notes on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Addie: what is that?
Me: that’s Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon.
Addie: what’s a chameleon falcon?

Chewbacca grunts
Addie: the bear actually tooted. Where is the bear?

Mary: I don’t think that’s his real dad because why would he cut his arm off?
Instead of killing you I would just break your iPad.

Mary: That was a really good movie!

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This is my cheap version of a share since I didn’t want to pay $7 to share this through Facebook.

My dearest FB Friends and Family,
My son Austin’s car was recently hit by a young person who ran a red light. Of course his car was paid off, and insurance is going to total it for a whole lot less than it was worth. I was wondering if anyone knows anyone selling a great car. Thanks for any help. Tricia Webster

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Mary had a “great idea” tonight. She decided that she should finish two of her practice word searches then we should make them into paper airplanes. Then, on our weekly 5k, we would throw them, then run to where they landed then throw them again. We did about a half mile before it started to get too dark so we came back. It was awesome!